Top Halal Restaurants in Vietnam

Thanks to the advantages of hygiene and food safety, the demand for Halal food in the world is increasing, not only among Muslims but also non-Muslims. The “accepted” or “allowed” requirements of Islamic Law are Halal. Therefore, when it comes to Halal food, please don’t just think of meat. Products that are sold on the market carry Halal labels including all kinds of agricultural products and foods. There are sauces, bottled water, tea, coffee, fruit juices and non-food products such as cosmetics, even clothes and a very, very wide range of Halal branded products. Here we provide you with the list of top Halal restaurants in Vietnam with a lot of unique and delicious dishes that you should not miss on your

Chicken kebab or shish kebab with roasted vegetables and sauce on dark background

What is Halal?

Halal is an Arabic term that is used in Islamic law to determine whether products or actions are permitted or not from the Qur’an. The word Halal in Arabic means “authorized” or “legal”.In simple words, Halal is a term that means that a given product, drink or action complies with all the norms of Islamic tradition. Therefore, we can say that Halal is something that is allowed by a Muslim and not beyond the religious paradigm. So, all that does not fall under the definition of “Halal” is most often – “Haram” (forbidden).

Halal Food

Even though the term “Halal” has a rather widespread use, in most cases, people are accustomed to associate it with the cuisine and dietary laws of Muslims. Those who are already familiar with the rules of Judaism’s kosher cuisine may notice some similarities. For example, Muslims, like Jews, do not eat pork and meat of predatory animals. However, not all kosher products are Halal. For example, products containing gelatin made from bone marrow, beef bones and which contain beef fat can be kosher, but not Halal. Moreover, Muslim dietary laws are stricter and they are always based on religion. By analogy with kosher, Halal products in stores are marked with special signs.

Selection of Arabic appetizers

Some products that are Haram

  • Alcohol;
  • Pork and all products associated with it;
  • Animals that have died by their death;
  • Animals that were not killed properly and not in the name of Allah;

The list of Halal products is very large. However, there are a lot of various nuances that depend on whether a particular product is Halal or not. You can find these Halal ingredients while visiting top Halal restaurants in Vietnam.

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